How to manage your pelvic and vulvar pain?

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The vulva is the external genital area in women that surrounds the vagina and comprises of the outer and inner lips. The outer lips are known as the labia majora and surround the vulvar structures and also contain hair on their surface. There is also the opening of the vagina that contains Bartholin glands that secrete fluid during intercourse. Vulvar pain may arise in any of these areas and is a common occurrence in women. The pain may be localized if it occurs in one area but may also be generalized hen it occurs in the entire vulvar region. It can also be provoked through touch or some sort of pressure and may come and go. Though the symptoms may vary, some common forms of pain are burning, itching and irritation. This type of pain can be triggered by sexual activity, insertion of tampon and wearing tight jeans even and one of the easiest ways to relieve it is by using a cushion for vulvar pain as it is designed in such a way that it relieves pressure from the area. One of the main causes of this pain are infections that can cause discomfort ranging from mild itching to severe throbbing and pain. The vulva is an extremely sensitive area and also contains nerve endings that get may get damaged during sexual activity or childbirth and using a cushion for this vulvar pain can help ease the ache. Using different types of soaps and feminine hygiene products also causes aching in this region due to the occurrence of allergies. If the pain is chronic the it is known as a condition known as vulvodynia that causes extreme sensitivity in that area that can cause throbbing that may last anywhere from a few hours to days even.  

The pelvis is the region below the abdomen and contains different organs and structures such as the bladder, bowel, blood vessels and the urinary system as well. There are various reasons for this pain such as constipation which leads to pressure being put on the colon without the relief of extraction and may develop in an ache near the belly. Endometriosis is when tissue starts growing outside of the uterus and also sticks to other organs which results in a lot of discomfort during the menstrual cycle. Menstrual cramps also occur in the pelvic region and last between one to three days and occurs when the uterus lining breaks down during your periods and when the uterus tightens in order to push it out, you feel an ache. You can use heating pads and over the counter pain relievers for this. Sexually transmitted diseases also cause pain in the pelvic region and include symptoms such as bleeding between menstrual cycles and an abnormal vaginal discharge. If such things occur, then it is always a good idea to consult your doctor and get yourself and your partner checked. Sometimes benign growths also occur on the walls of your uterus known as fibroids and can cause pressure on your bladder and rectum. They usually don’t cause much problem but may be a cause of not being able to get pregnant. 

If you suffer from pelvic or vulvar pain then the first thing you should do is to apply some sort of heat pressure to the area to get the blood flowing. You should also try some mild exercises as it releases endorphins into the body that act as a natural pain killer. Sometimes low levels of vitamins and minerals may also lead to aches developing and it is a good idea to regularly take supplements to overcome any deficiency. If these things don’t work, then you should take some over the counter painkiller and relax to allow them to work. Pelvic pain cushion are also available in different shapes and sizes and provides relief to the lower back and support for the spine. This pelvic cushion also slightly elevates the pelvic resulting in a better posture pole which reduces pressure on other areas of the body. There are also cut out designs available in the cushion for vulvar pain and pelvic cushion also ensures that pain is relieved in those areas and they can be placed anywhere from cars to work chairs where seating is required for a long period of time. 

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