Basic of swimming pool landscape design

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Swimming pool landscape design is not an easy task as compared to planning a landscape design for your backyard, but this does not mean that a non-professional cannot do this task on his own, all you need is skills and a taste of designing. And let me tell you one thing that you will love it when you do it yourself. You can create a piece of paradise if you will succeed to make the design that is in your mind. Here we brought some ideas for swimming pool landscape design in Sydney

Planning your design: 

The first thing you need to do is to create a design in your mind. For that you can take help from internet. You need to collect ideas that can be made practically in the space you have. For this you have to keep notes on the color theme, patterns of lines, the cuts and designs and the design of garden if you want to attach with the swimming area. It is suggested to work with the same patterns, it will bring a feeling of symmetry and continuity in your landscape. You can go with the vibrant themes as well as the same overall theme followed in your home can be copied in your swimming pool landscape design. 

Plant choices for swimming pools: 

Planting is something that gives a soothing look to your place. You can add plants in your swimming pool landscape design to soften the lines. It will provide privacy and above all it will help blending the pool side area with the whole landscape of your house. If you are confused about what to choose for a place that is not highly maintained, then broad leafed evergreens or ornamental grasses will be the best choice. A group of trees at the southern side of swimming pool landscape design can add a cooler effect in the hot days of summers. It can also work as a shade. While planting near a swimming pool landscape design, never forget that you must avoid those trees or plants that can attract poisonous bees or insects, or those which have spiky thorns. Another thing that need to be kept in mind is the roots that can damage your pool, plants with invasive roots must be avoided near pool area. 

Fences for safety and privacy: 

Whenever you are thinking a swimming pool landscape design, never miss the security concerns. You can have kids or pets in your home who can fell in the pool due to their carelessness. It is very important to have fencing round your pool to make sure the security. When you will lock up the pool area you will need not to worry all the time that if your child is not running directly to the pool or your curious dog is not playing near the pool. There are different kinds of fences available in the market for example for partial privacy you can choose basket-weave fence and for a complete privacy you can choose shadow box or tongue-and-groove pattern fence for your swimming pool landscape design. 

Windbreaks and baffles: 

Whether you have a heating system in your swimming pool, cold breezes can steal the warmth from your pool. But this is not the point to worry, you can change the direction or avoid the chilly winds by using windbreaks. To fix windbreaks you need to figure out the direction of the winds. This information can help you to decide where you have to fix the baffles or the windbreaks. It is suggested that solid brick walls must not be used for the purpose of wind breaking, it will suffocate the whole swimming pool area.  

Swimming pool lighting: 

Without proper lighting, even the best designs will lose its charm. To make your swimming pool landscape design glow and catch the eye of everyone, proper lighting is very necessary. Outdoor lighting is also very important for safety purpose. Proper lights must be fixed at least round the swimming pool or the deep ends of the pool.  

It is highly suggested to give some time on internet to gather the best ideas you can implement on your swimming pool landscape design.  

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