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The strength of a house becomes weak when the roof and the foundation are not up to the mark. We have to pay special attention when it comes to roof maintenance. We all know that the weather can become harsh at any moment. We cannot control the weather; neither can we blame it for the disaster it causes to our assets. The impact of a thunderstorm or heavy rain is serious on the roof. They can damage the roofs in the form of cracks. Sometimes, heavy rainfall and storm lead to the complete damage of the roof. When we do not have a roof on the top, the rain comes inside the house and damage our other assets, which are not good.  

Therefore, we have to make special commitments to the contractors to work on the roof. We can have starmit metal roofing solutions.  

The good news to all the people of Sydney, Hooky’s roofing has been offering the best services, which include many services especially replace roof in Sydney. Our company aims to provide quality services using high-quality raw material. When we use good raw material, the results that we get are long term. We do not have to worry about destroying a roof when the weather takes a wrong turn. Our committed and reliable team are always ready to help our clients. Moreover, we do not charge much, and we have budget-friendly prices.  

The Services 

Following are the services that we offer under the name of Hooky’s roofing.  

  • Metal Roofing 

Metal roofing is strong as it sounds. We know that anything that is made of metal is long-lasting. Many people do not prefer metal roofing as it gets hot when the weather is hot. The direct heat of sunlight can penetrate the house. We have to apply a thin sheet or anything to protect it from heat.  

  • New Roof 

At hooky’s, we also offer the services of building a new roof. We know that many houses need renovation. Likewise, if we have a wooden roof or ceramic roof, we can demolish it and get a new one. We can help you in making the desired material for the roof.  

  • Roof Replacement 

If you already have a roof and it gets old and needs to be replaced. We are here to help you in replacing the old. We also offer you the option of choosing the other material if you are not happy with the existing one. The choice and decision are solely depending on the choice of the clients. You can call, and ask us for replace roof. We shall guide you with the further process.  

  • Colourbond and Zinc 

We also have an option available for colourbond and zinc. We have professionals who batter know how to play with zinc.  

  • Roof Extensions 

We provide the services of roof extensions at Hooky’s. We have seen many service providers who do not offer the services of roof extensions, as it needs time and effort. Unlike others, we provide complete solutions when it comes to the roof. 

  • Commercial Roofing 

Our services are not only restricted to the residential areas but, we do offer services to the commercial sector and industrial sector. If you belong to a commercial sector and need commercial roofing done. You can avail of our services.  

  • Tile Re-Roofing 

Many people like to have tiles on the roof. It is the safest option, as it does not allow the water of rain to penetrate the surface. Moreover, the floor does not get heated which, further heat the roof of the following floors. We know that maintenance is necessary, whether it is tiles or any other material. We can help you with tile re-roofing as well.  

  • Insulation 

We have an option of insulation of the roof is also available. We use a board type material having a medium density, which is made of fibre or glass. It allows the roof to give a sunroof to the rooms or lounge.  

  • Gutter and Rainwater Goods 

We also have services providing proper drainage for rainwater on the roof. We know that if we do not have gutters or any sources that take out the water from the roof, the floor of the roof becomes weak

Call us now for further information. 

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