Find the most affordable Floodlights and Diesel Generators at PROMAC International! 

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  1. Are you looking for finest quality Flood Lights or best working Generators? 
  2. Are you having a low scale pocket but want to get these diesel generators in affordable rates? 
  3. Are you in search of getting durable street lights? 

I know the answer of every question is yes. 

Now, you might be thinking that why all these three questions have been asked. Well, Well, Well, these all questions are being asked at same place because PROMAC has brought a better solution for all these three problems at one single platform, providing out best portable light towers for sale. PROMAC International is Australia’s biggest finest, reasonable and durable flood, generator and lights distributors. Our company was come into being during 2004 year. The creation of PROMAC was actually the main purpose for supplying mining, civil, hiring companies as well as construction companies along with the whole kind of materials and machinery that they really needed.  

Who we are? 

Our Company, PROMAC was actually founded all within for 14 best years of professional experience within many industries. PROMAC got a best and unique perfect insight that is shortfalls as well designs problematic association along with the equipments that are available on time. Our Company decided for procuring and also manufacturing all their best products, which were actually fulfilled according to the needs of people. PROMAC was actually owned also operated with an exclusive and extensive kind of fleet with earthmoving and construction also ancillary one machines all from the 250 tons excavators all to the small diesel generators

However, when the PROMAC was growing, our company was divesting more and more as the hiring fleet was focused on the manufacturing, distributions as well the designing of all the electrical and critical lightening products. But as the time passed, everything was refining down for focusing out all the towers of lights, generators as well as the LEDs that have been now selling at the precious core and scale of our cool running business.  

What makes us different? 

Our company, PROMAC International has continued the production or manufacturing of our innovative products. This has constantly been looked for bringing out the great quality, cost-effective like reasonable price range and safest or reliable products for our long-term best clients. We help our clients to let them achieve all of their better results by connecting with us. 

We provide following Product Categories: 

  1. Lighting Towers 
  2. Diesel Generators 
  3. LED Floodlights 
  4. LED Street Lights 
  5. Saving Calculators 

All these above mentioned categories are partitioned with lots of other best sub categories with a huge range of amazing best quality products. You can select the Lighting Tower’s products for all kind of yours’ mining sites or else. The selections of our PROLITE MINESPEC LED Lightings Tower or 150 kva generator for sale, they all were actually developed for best withstand that was actually harsh mining Australian condition.  

Well, the company also got some NUGEN Diesel Generators, which describes the NUGEN word with our young most powerful products generation. This includes a modern as well as the most flexible best approach for developing out the great solutions all for our loyal clients. This was reducing out the maintenance and running costs all for the company’s clients.  Along with our tower lights of 2400-3000 watts LED replaces the oldest 7500 as well 9000 watts halide metal technology that is now offering 150 kva generator for sale. Such kind of towers saves your time, money as well as provides out better most working products in fine conditions all for the members of team.   

Our company PROMAC International have selected out first class, one stop product components from the worldwide leaders of powerful generation. This all was for the manufacturing and creation of diesel best generators, which is the reason that matches us out with other creators or manufacturers. Well, our all the machines are perfectly fitted along with the finest job part not like the others those only supplies subsidiaries. We cover all the construction, machineries, mining, and workshops as well as buildings.  

PROMAC International has got a better LED floodlight solution that will perfectly fits out with your requirements, which includes LED Tower or Floodlights, KHDs, High-bays, Lighting, streetlights, generators as well the towers. Each and every product component is being designed tough for optimizing better performance, longevity and reliability. So, don’t waste to grab up the opportunity to enjoy these products like the portable light towers for sale.  

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