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The time never remains same, so the technologies. It keeps changes over the time. We can take an example from anything for an instance, in past century no body can even imagine to build a house for more than four or five stories but now we are building up to one hundred storied sky scrapers. 

There are several reasons behind a technology evolution, one of them and the most important is research the more it gets studied the more puzzle come up to solve and traverse further. In the field of construction, which is one of the biggest industries of the world and many business tycoons knowingly and knowingly get involved in it, the building structure, architecture and design matters a lot and that actually make difference. 

The architectural draftsman is a professional that helps throughout the building designing and making a robust possible structure with all safety and security measures. So, before we start discuss further, it is important to know clearly about architectural draftsman based in Melbourne, its responsibilities and duties. 

Who is architectural draftsman? 

The professional who evaluates each and every of the thing and consider a building based on idea, purpose and its usage to make a possible building structure is architectural draftsman. Now, suppose that you own a piece of land in a city’s downtown and wanted to build a world-class shopping centre where hundred of brands comes to open their showrooms and runs their offices in the same building on above stories. Further, you wanted to build corporate office with roof top five-star hotel with all its amenities. In short, a building that fulfills all requirements and get you the higher profits and increase the value of place. 

Here you needed a professional, experienced and a smart architectural draftsman who can understand your idea and get you several modern models to choose from according to your requirement with a construction plan. 

Responsibilities and Duties of architectural draftsman 

It is a very tough job because as an architectural draftsman you have to be very responsible and it is your duty to get the optimist solution. Following are some of the important responsibilities and Duties. 

  1. Check and evaluate all possible conditions, situations and different cases so that while making or drafting a building design none of the loop hole left because a tiny mistake in design can make big problem. 
  2. One of the most important duty of an architectural draftsman is not just to draft or make a design but the professional has to justify it on practical ground with all security and safety measures because he has to give the master construction plan to on which a real construction gets permitted to be start building. 

In addition, if we talk about the renovation architect who plays a very important role because they have to think with the existing building plan and cannot make serious structural changes. However, if the landlord can afford high budgets on changing structures, then it’s a different story. So, the renovation architect can rebuild your house, office or even shop, restaurants, cafes, and more according to the modern design standards that matches with the society norms. Also, to build and forms a confidence in an environment. 

Furthermore, the renovation architect in Melbourne can help you in many ways. Since, he has an experience to redesign a building’s structure, so the professional played a very important role. What happened most of the time is that people who wanted to rebuild or revamp their houses, they simply search it and get the services from any provider without a renovation architect which gives them a loss in terms of non-modernized design due to lack of structural changes. So, this is why it is highly recommended to hire a professional renovation architect whenever you need to revamp, rebuild your house, office or any building and the best architectural draftsman whenever you want to build something new on an empty land. 

Lastly, the company Sketch Building Design, one of the most popular construction company in the Australia has got outstanding architectural draftsman and renovation architect professionals, loaded with great experience worldwide, certified, licenced and qualified with all related authorities and equipped with the state-of-the-art technologies makes them way different then their competitors to offer you with confidence to get your dreamy house is no more dream and you can actually design and build your as you and your partner like. 

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