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Gone are the days when the electric facility was a luxury because, in this modern world, electricity is most definitely a necessity. Especially in the days of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entire world shifted its operations online which means it has become a necessity to have proper electric work done in our homes, places of work, industrial places etc. So think hard if your house or any other place requires any electric work done and you need a 24-hour electrician or perhaps industrial electricians because Spectra Electrical is the solution to all your problems! 


Spectra Electrical and communications are a unique company to provide reliable electrical work throughout the Sydney area and the surrounding suburbs. They aim to provide the highest quality of work for all customers. The operators of Spectra Electrical and communications ensure this top-notch quality of work through their experienced and highly skilled workers ranging from 24 hour electrician in Sydney, industrial electricians etc.  

Spectra Electrical are residential, industrial, strata and commercial electrical contractors and their work ranges from repairs, maintenance and installations. Keeping in mind the importance of electrical work and how difficult it is to survive without a proper electric setup, Spectra keeps in mind that these faults or failures can occur any time which is why they offer the facility of 24-hour electricians. That means you as customers, are not bound by the constraints of time to get your electrical system fixed. Our 24-hour electricians are always ready to provide the best for you.  


Spectra takes pride in its quality of work and being a reliable provider of emergency 24-hour electricians, industrial electricians etc. all over Sydney. We guarantee the use of materials of the highest quality being handled by professionals with proper pieces of training, education, as well as experience to manage any level of an electrical job from a simple malfunction in a home to major issues in industrial places. Below is an overview of the services provided by SPECTRA ELECTRICAL & COMMUNICATIONS: 


Spectra’s experienced and friendly 24-hour electricians, industrial electricians based in Sydney etc. provide residential, commercial, industrial and more buildings with various forms of electrical work and specific services all over Sydney from large-scale to general maintenance or upgrades which include: 

  • Sorting out light and power issues (up to Level 2 work) 
  • Installation of Surveillance Camera Security Systems (CCTV) 
  • Floodlighting and security lights fitting 
  • Upgrade or installation of new main switchboards & distribution boards 
  • Setting up telephones, intercoms, smoke alarms, security alarms and access control  

And these are not all, because at Spectra we provide so much more and if you are still unsure, then contacting Spectra is easy!  


Now coming to more complex services, Spectra Electrical is a licensed Level 2 electrical service provider in Sydney certified by the NSW Department of Energy. With proper licensing our 24-hour electricians and industrial electricians are willing to provide their experienced, efficient, legal and most importantly affordable Level 2 electrical services including but not limited to: 

  • Power Line Work 
  • Power Poles 
  • Street Lighting 
  • Tiger Tails 
  • Temporary Builders Service (TBS) 

Our team aims to provide the highest standard of Level 2 electrician works for all clients because Spectra is proud to have highly experienced 24-hour electricians, industrial electricians etc. that are available round the clock. For new premises, Spectra offers from scratch installation of electrical works both underground and an overhead system. And for older, existing premises, we are available for all types of electrical upgrade work, relocation of power outlets, disconnects/reconnects and more.  


This is for those who are looking into more renewable (“clean”) energy resources that are more sustainable and less damaging to the environment. At Spectra we install a fully functioning solar-powered system of the highest quality that will help you save thousands by balancing out the rising cost of electricity while helping you reduce your carbon footprint. There are several reasons why you might want to shift to Solar Energy such as: 

  • Benefit from thousands of dollars in rebates 
  • Save in electricity bills 
  • Add value to your home 
  • Help save the environment 

All in all Spectra Electrical & Communications is an all-rounded solution to all your electrical problems with helpers available round the clock! 

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