Get Your Very Own Vinyl Custom Stickers!

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Vinyl stickers are named as the tags, logos, hallmarks, tattoos.  These custom vinyl stickers are used to renovate or to decorate the rooms, walls, cars. These custom vinyl stickers are used commercially to publicize a business, a service, for the institutional board, or in a shop window. These custom vinyl stickers are cut using a vinyl cutting plotter. 

The custom vinyl stickers will easily adhere to smooth and clean surfaces like wood, plastic, and metal. Also, you can develop your custom vinyl stickers and affix them on four laptop covers, your room wall, on your cars, and smooth sealed wood.  For exceptional quality, Glen brae signs can supply and stabilize the design or logos or slogan, decoration, or different advertising banners on different the same source. Moreover, these custom vinyl stickers are not waterproof themselves. It is the material used by the manufacturer during printing that makes it waterproof. These custom vinyl stickers are sometimes water-resistant, sometimes not, it all depends on the material being used by the craftsman. 


The durability of these custom vinyl stickers lasts up to eight years. They can bear the direct rain and light. The custom vinyl stickers neither outspread nor diminish from it’s the original size. Thus they are weather-resistant, which means that the surface of these custom vinyl stickers won’t crack. Moreover, the color of these custom vinyl stickers decolorizes or becomes dim with time due to exposure to direct sunlight, outdoors. Due to these features, the use of custom vinyl stickers has become popular, for applications of these stickers on windscreens, on cars, vans. Furthermore, on laptops, mirror, fridge. Indoors the durability of custom vinyl sticker increases and it sticks on stuff more than the right year’s. 


One of the most important things during the application of these custom vinyl stickers the surface must be cleansed from dust. As the dust ceases the sticker from sticking in the surface that consists of any kind of dust like sand, oil, grease. Due to this dust, the sticker leaves the surface of the material steadily. At the time of application of custom vinyl stickers, the surface must be clean appropriately, the sticker will survey substantially. During the application, if the custom vinyl sticker does not adhere there are only two reasons: 

  • The surface is not clean well. 
  • You are using a cheap vinyl sticker. 

Thus, if you want to apply your custom vinyl sticker on your mobile phone or other gadgets then you will buy these custom vinyl stickers from trusted brands like Meta mark, 3M, and Avery. 


Decal sticker used for outdoors.  Decal is also known as the stickers for cars. The sticker for cars is made up of decal, paper. The stickers for cars are built in such a way that they are transferred from one surface to the other surface. The stickers for cars are manufactured by using a process named the eco-solvent printing process.  The eco-solvent is the ecologically secure printing system as mostly used for indoor application. Typically, the solvent ink is melodious i.e. harsh and is affiliated with noticeable order, which is less likely.  The innards of the eco-solvent printing mechanism are not harmful and they are biodegradable. The stickers for cars have specific images and patterns. Furthermore, the vinyl stickers for cars can come in a solid single color. The stickers for cars by Glen brae Sign last for five to seven years easily. 


During the application of the stickers for the car. You must keep some point in your mind. 

  1. At the right place 

Stickers for cars must be stick at the right place thus, first, you have to determine the right place where you want to put your sticker.  Deciding location is necessary when a sticker for the car is large and has the liability to expand to other parts of the car. 

  1. Place Measurement 

The sticker for a car must be held against the vehicle, without applying it to check how this sticker for the car looks on the car. This deed helps you to determine how this sticker for the car is displayed. Moreover, the vehicle must be clean and dry. Because on a greasy or wet surface the sticker can stick properly, but it may be starting to remove from the car gradually. 

  1. Mark location 

After getting a measurement of where you want to put the decal, place a masking tape for the right placement. 

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