Services that are provided by the dentists of Lifetime Holistic Dental

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You must have been familiar with a quotation saying that life is too short so smile while you still have teeth. However; we can fix your teeth throughout your life time so you won’t have to stop smiling even when you are old. There are many different fields in medicine depending upon the parts of the body and the doctors are given professional names depending upon the field in which they have specialized in. One such field of medicine is known as field of dentistry and the doctor who operates and fixes the condition related to your teeth, jaws or gums is known as a dentist or a dental surgeon. It is not necessary for a person to visit a dental surgeon only when he has teeth ache or have faced an accident rather one can visit his dentist even for regular check up and for teeth cosmetics as well. The dental surgeons of different places offer different types of services; some limit their services to general dentistry only while others offer cosmetic dentistry services. In this article; we will be discussing about the services that are provided by the dentist in South Yarra of lifetime Holistic Dental. 

Lifetime Holistic Dental: 

Lifetime Holistic Dental clinic is located in Prahran Melbourne in the year 2000. The purpose of its creation was to take care of the each and every aspect of the dental problems and dental hygiene. Services provided by this clinic is not limited to one or two specialities rather they provide almost all of the dental services varying from biological dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and from dental implants to non-extraction orthodontics. We will be discussing about some of the services provided by the dentist of this holistic clinic. 

Services provided by the dentists of Lifetime holistic clinic: 

  • Cosmetic dentistry: 

As the name implies; cosmetic dentistry is the field of dentistry in which the teeth, smile and gum of a person is improved. It focuses on improving the appearance of person’s smile in which teeth whitening, teeth alignment, size and shape are taken care of. 

  • General dentistry: 

The service of general dentistry is also provided by the dentists of lifetime holistic dental clinic.  This branch of dentistry focuses on the primary care of dental area which includes the diagnosis, treatment and overall oral health of a person. Root canal, gum care, fillings and veneers are few such examples of general dentistry. 

  • Non-extraction orthodontics: 

This service of dentistry is provided to achieve a broader and prettier smile with the help of fully removable appliances. The dental arch is expanded to create area for the broader smile showing full set of teeth. 

  • Snoring treatments: 

The habit of snoring can be treated by getting a service from dentists. It is the dental surgeon who provides you with such oral therapy, that helps in reducing your snoring until it is completely gone. 

  • Emergency dentist: 

Emergency dentist in Melbourne is the kind of a dental surgeon who treats your dental emergency situation in which you feel a serious threat for your oral area. The services included in this field vary from bleeding, broken jaw to lost fillings. You can visit this dental clinic even during corona days because we have taken proper care of SOPs. We use all of the sterilised tools and prohibit any kind of direct human contact including handshakes and hugs.  


A dentist is the medical professional who is qualified to diagnose and treat oral related issues. The mouth, gums, jaws and teeth are the parts which are taken care of in this branch of medicine. There are various services that are provided by these dental specialists. These services might vary from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry and from dental implantations to non-extraction orthodontics. There is a difference between a dentist and an emergency dentist because in the latter kind treats, diagnoses and operates extremely critical oral conditions including broken jaw, bleeding and other such conditions. “Life Holistic Dental Clinic” provides all of the above mentioned services. The dentists who work in this clinic are highly professional and qualified to carry out these services. 

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